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VendorSage centralizes your SaaS stack in one place to make buying, managing & adopting software simple.

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Before VendorSage

Waste 1000's hours buying & renewing SaaS
Only visualise 40% of your Stack
Vendors dictate the price
Spreadsheets and silos
Manual procurement & management processes

After VendorSage

Dedicated buying, negotiation & renewal support
Discover every app in real time
Price benchmarks on 900+ vendors
Integrated system of record
Automated workflows & processes

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Spend less on SaaS

VendorSage is continuously looking for ways to optimise your SaaS spend, whether its negotiating the best rates for you or identifying duplicate functionality in your stack and more.

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Price Benchmarks on 900 Vendors
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Pre-negotiated Discounts
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Spend Optimisation Recommendations
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Expert Buying & Negotiation Support

SaaS management

Gain true visibility and control of your stack with VendorSage. Eliminate shadow IT, improve security & compliance, track usage, and streamline renewals— all within a single platform.

A dashboard showcasing VendorSages's home screen. It includes an overview of spend on software / SaaS and a breakdown of renewals, savings and tasks

Improve SaaS ROI

Get more value out of every dollar you spend on SaaS with buying guides adoption & sentiment surveys and cost optimisation insights.

A panel showcasing different software applications a company owns, how much they pay for them and how their company feels about them. The vendors are Salesforce, Zoom, Asana and Zoominfo

How it works

Don't take our word for it

VendorSage has been a game changer for our company, transforming the way we manage our vendors and bringing numerous benefits to our operations."

Akash Gopani,
IT Operations Lead, Reveal
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VendorSage discovered savings opportunities immediately."

Rob Sheetz,
CFO at ComplyPro
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One source of truth for all your SaaS

Make the shift to mindful procurement & management of your software stack with VendorSage's integrated system of record.

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True visibility of your Stack
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Improved security & faster compliance
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Save up to 35% on your SaaS spend
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Save up 500 hours per year
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Different Logo's of companies VendorSage integrates with, including Google, Hubspot, Slack and more